Phased Engineering Approach

Phase 1: Conceptual System Design

  1. Professional assessment of project feasibility. This includes identification of biological and physical design criteria so that the critical design decisions may be resolved. Specific criteria that will be defined include annual production goals, harvesting and stocking schedules, required water quality parameters and site criteria.
  2. Identification of water treatment and culture system unit processes and elements that will meet the design criteria
  3. Integration of the design criteria and identified design elements into a complete conceptual design for the entire facility. Conceptual design will include life support systems selection, initial facility layout, final process design and capital equipment cost estimations.

Phase 2: Detail Design and Project Management

Finalization of the biological and physical design criteria and the unit process system design and associated systems for an inclusive facility. Facility components can include office, laboratory, shop, quarantine, broodstock, fry, fingerling and grow out systems, monitoring and control systems, and effluent treatment/recycle facilities. The following detail design tasks will be addressed:

  1. Finalize biological and physical design criteria- production goals and grow out schedule, harvest and
    stocking schedule, biological growth parameters and site requirements.
  2. Major equipment specification and selection—individual production systems (to include tank size,
    circulation, solids capture, bio filtration, aeration/degassing, disinfection), monitoring and control
    equipment, laboratory equipment.
  3. Equipment layout and plumbing- detailed sketches of each production system showing layout,
    elevations, and major plumbing requirements including a basic plumbing parts list.
  4. Capital cost estimation- estimations of individual system component costs.

Construction management assistance during facility construction. Representatives from AST can be commissioned to attend construction meetings/ site inspections during systems installation. AST can also clarify any construction issues that arise with regard to the intent of the design.

Phase 3: Stamped Engineering Construction Drawings to be Done by an A/E Firm if Required

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