Filter SeriesFlow Rate (gpm)Pounds of Fish SupportedFeed Rate (lbs/day)Max psiPond Volume (gallons)
Endurance Filters5-22.550-225.5-2.2510up to 3000
Bubble Bead Filters10-1506.25-250.08-7.8610-15up to 20,000
Polygeyser Filters
DF-3 & DF-6
HPPGs & PBFsvariablevariablevariablevariable11,000+

"I can backwash my filter in a tuxedo."

Jim Clingan, Bubble Bead Filter owner since 1995
Used for his home koi pond.


Why Buy an AST Filter?

  • Tested technology – over 20 years of research and real-world application have proven bead filtration superiority
  • Energy savings – smaller pumps paired with efficient design
  • Low maintenance – backwashing is quick and doesn’t require you to get your hands dirty
  • Longevity – media never needs replacement and is resistant to clogging and channeling
  • Excellent biofiltration – media contains 400ft2 of surface area per cubic foot for the biological breakdown of nitrogenous waste
  • Superior clarification – studies show that our filters remove 100% of particles greater than 50 microns and 48% of particles in the 5-10 micron range per pass
  • Water conserving technology – our newest filters recycle their own backwash water, drastically reducing water loss!
  • One year warranty – if there is a defect in filter manufacturing AST will provide a warranty replacement for up to one year from the date of shipment

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